A Walk in the Way…

When looking for a title for this blog..  I could not help but think of the walk that each of us journey’s on.

Each walk is unique and different.  Each walk has it’s up’s and it’s downs… it’s pressures and it’s joy’s.  And each walk has it’s shining, shining  plateau’s…

Life is never just plain sailing, it does not always go to our plans… we do have so much to learn… but… it is an amazing thing to see what God does when we invite Him to walk along with us on this journey… and to lead us along the ‘Way’

The reason for this blog is to share a reflection of my walk, even though it may seem like just a drop in the ocean.. that it may be an encouragement for those that read…

Don’t be surprised, if for now, any segments are left unfinished as I am taking my time to download information as I am lead.. This may take some time as I am also growing and learning.. it is a work in progress..

Proverbs 19:21 states…’Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.’  His purposes need to become our purposes.. this can only come from hearts that are submitted to Him, united with Him and walking in obedience to Him..

Here is some insight from one person’s journey and living life out with Him…

Come Walk with Me..


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